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Creative Summit

Ok, for those who hasn’t heard: I’m back. I survived the festival It was awesome and probably the most fun I’ll have this year, and I will post about it later. I just need to go through all the photos and such. Meanwhile, I want to tell you what I did this week! Wednesday and

Reise nach Deutschland

I haven’t had a passport for over 10 years. The last time I travelled abroad was when I was 15 and my class went to Bulgaria for a week. Kinda sad that I haven’t been able to go anywhere since then… But now I finally will! I’M GOING TO MUNICH, GERMANY IN MAY! And not

Hello again!

Whoops, I kinda fell off the Internet there for a while What I’ve been up to this past month: Work Lots and lots of work. And I love it! Even though the worst of the financial crisis seem to be over the unemployment rate is still ridiculously high, so I consider myself SO lucky for having a


One full month since the last post, eh? Feels like I’ve fallen off the face of the Internet… But it is for a good reason! I now have a job Previously I’ve been pending between freelance work, temporary jobs and unemployment – but since the end of February I actually have a normal 8-5 job.