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Favourite webcomics

I’ve always loved comics, especially the Franco-Belgian classics and many of our own Swedish comics. Can’t say I’m into the Marvel kind though, I’ve never understood the necessity of brightly coloured tights… Anyway, a while ago I mentioned my new-found addiction to Questionable Content. Well, that seem to have started a snow ball reaction. Now

What happens in the hive?

Today is the annual Qbee Blog Day! Last year I posted about the club, how much it means to me and why you ALL should join *poke poke* This year I think I’ll talk about what we actually do in the club. Trade patches Trading patches is the main “thing” in the club and the

Online accounts

I have now completed my first task of the 101 list I decided to go through ALL my accounts for various online sites! First of all I wrote down every site I could remember or find in my bookmarks/inbox. I decided not to list webshops since you usually get registered by default once you order

Harmony sketches

I’ve found a new favourite time waster: Harmony It’s one of those online sketch pads, and really addictive! Don’t go there unless you have lots of free time on your hands It has a few different tools to use and they’re actually pretty good. But I haven’t found an eraser tool yet, so you better


Hey there! So apparently I have a blog. Almost forgot there for a while Can’t say I have a good excuse for my absence, I just kinda fell out of routine. First off I got hooked on the webcomic Questionable Content. Melly posted about it on Twitter, I read one page, then read a few

Bee-ing a bee

I know at least half of the people coming here knows what the Qbee is, but or the rest of you… The Quilting Bee is an online pixel trading club. You make a personal patch and trade with other members to make your quilts grow and get bigger. (Mine is here) Just like any other

10 years…

I can’t believe it’s 10 years since we first saw the new millennium! 10 years ago I was 16, living with my dad and step-mum in a teeny tiny village deep in the woods and in the middle of nowhere. I was in 1st year of Gymnasiet and dad had just got us our first

Dreamwidth anyone?

A few months ago I found out about this new blogging platform Dreamwidth. And I was intrigued. 100 years ago I had a LiveJournal account, but that was when I first started exploring this new Internet thing and as the n00b I was I never really managed to figure out how to use it or