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Sweden Rock Festival 2011

So, like I said I went to Sweden Rock Festival again. And I must say this year was one of the best so far The weather was really good, just a thunder storm on Wednesday night and some light rain on Thursday, the rest of the week was sunny and warm. We saw some awesome

Last vacation week

I start working again on Monday after 4 weeks of summer vacation. I don’t mind going back to the office, but I sure will miss sleeping ’til noon. Getting up at 6.30 in the mornings is not humane… This last week was spent at Markus’ parents house. We’ve been swimming, relaxing on the patio, watching

Sweden Rock 2010 – the music

I figured the music deserved an entry of its own. I realise not many people will recognise or like these bands but… well, I saw them live and I want to write about them. So suck it up Alestorm How can you not like a band that plays pirate metal? I was looking forward to

Sweden Rock Festival 2010

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but I’ve been away on vacation for a while! The whole last week was spent at the other side of the country, at Sweden Rock Festival! It’s one of the biggest festivals in Sweden and it’s dedicated entirely to rock and metal music. We took the bus to Markus’