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Vampire Diaries

I’ve just watched the whole first season of The Vampire Diaries. I was hesitant since it looked like some horrible Twilight/Sweet Valley High ripoff mix, but I gave it a try anyway. And actually… it’s ok. I don’t give a fuck about Elena and Stefan (just like I didn’t give a fuck about Edward and

Harmony sketches

I’ve found a new favourite time waster: Harmony It’s one of those online sketch pads, and really addictive! Don’t go there unless you have lots of free time on your hands It has a few different tools to use and they’re actually pretty good. But I haven’t found an eraser tool yet, so you better

Reindeer overdose

I’ve thought a lot about reindeer lately. It started with an exciting new project at work involving said animal (I’ll show you later when it’s done). The project hasn’t officially started yet but I already have a whole herd running around in my head. Waving their antlers around and pooping in the corners and what

Candy corn

That’s such a lame joke. I can’t believe I’m posting it… You see, my snake is a Cornsnake And there is actually a certain Cornsnake colour called Candy Corn (but they look more like this). And I got the candy colours wrong. Jeez and meh. Anyway… HAPPY HALLOWEEN/SAMHAIN!! Have a great weekend everyone, with lots

Schenza sketch

This is Schenza, a character I made up when I was little. Not as an imaginary friend but more like a muse, in lack of better words. I probably have made up a million little stories about her and whenever I’m asked to make a character in games and such I make her. If I

Lonely puppy in the woods

I┬áhad an… interesting encounter in the forest today. I was walking with Zaphod along a trail when we met an older man on a bicycle. After him, way waaaaay after (the man was long gone) came a lonely dog trotting. A Bedlington terrier, but it was really small so I assume it was a puppy/young

Happy Midsummer!

This weekend we celebrate Midsummer here in Sweden. It’s the biggest and most important holiday we have (after Christmas). This is the weekend when we raise Maypoles and dance around them, eat herring and boiled potatoes and party out in the green nature all night long while drinking ourselves absolutely wasted. All in the light