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My iPad

I’ve already mentioned it on Twitter: I have got myself an iPad! When I first heard about this new piece of technology I didn’t think much of it, why would I want an iPad when I have a computer? But the more I heard about it the more I liked the idea. Markus constant nagging

Where are my mittens?

I’ve been shopping. One awesome pair of new boots (whoo!) and two pairs of mittens. The mittens especially were much needed. When I’m about to leave for work in the morning I can never find any mittens or gloves because someone *eyes boyfriend * keep stealing them. He takes one pair, wears them, puts them

Sweden Rock Festival 2010

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but I’ve been away on vacation for a while! The whole last week was spent at the other side of the country, at Sweden Rock Festival! It’s one of the biggest festivals in Sweden and it’s dedicated entirely to rock and metal music. We took the bus to Markus’