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The missing piece

Do you know what’s irritating? Laying a 2000 pieces jigsaw puzzle and discover that one piece is missing! I’ve been working on the bloody thing for two weeks, and now I’m one(1) piece short of completing it! I’ve searched everywhere, but I can’t find it. The puzzle is really old so I guess I shouldn’t

I have no style

So after my experiment with the Harmony sketch pad I’ve had some small bursts of inspiration. I’ve actually been creating stuff *le gasp* But I’ve also noticed something slightly disturbing… Look at these. They are samples of what I’ve been doing lately. Do you see any kind of pattern or red thread between them? If

Lonely puppy in the woods

I┬áhad an… interesting encounter in the forest today. I was walking with Zaphod along a trail when we met an older man on a bicycle. After him, way waaaaay after (the man was long gone) came a lonely dog trotting. A Bedlington terrier, but it was really small so I assume it was a puppy/young