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And a new layout as well

Jeez, I guess a lot of things are changing with the start of a new year Or maybe my new haircut is to blame (thanks for all the sweet compliments ), I desperately needed a change around here. I tried to pixel something, I really did, but I just don’t have the time! It’s sooooo

New artsy stuff

I’ve been strangely busy with random stuff this whole month, dogs and work and dogs and the employment office and more dogs… I’m tired. Oggie has been here for 3 weeks now and will stay for another week. While it has been fun to have him here it will be such a relief when he

Reindeer overdose

I’ve thought a lot about reindeer lately. It started with an exciting new project at work involving said animal (I’ll show you later when it’s done). The project hasn’t officially started yet but I already have a whole herd running around in my head. Waving their antlers around and pooping in the corners and what

Autumn elf

Hey look! A new layout I’ve had that pixel tattoo up for so long I’m sick of it. I’ve used it for two layouts now so all in all it’s been up since March. The grin on the skull was getting on my nerves… seriously. Time for a change, and I really wanted something hand