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Walpurgis Night

Today is Beltane but here in Sweden we have a tradition of celebrating things on the eve before the holiday in question, so we did the celebrating on Saturday. It’s actually a national holiday here called Walpurgis Night and is (used to be) a celebration of spring and the sun’s return to the North. Nowadays

Back to normal (last of the Xmas stuff)

At last… the holidays are finally over for us. The Christmas season always requires a lot of travelling and planning. My parents, his parents, my aunt and cousins, his sister and friends in his home town, New Year’s Eve right there in the middle of everything… Phew. We’ve spent most of this week with Markus’

Christmas 2010

I WAS going to post a “Happy Holidays” post and pixel something cute and Christmas-y to to go with it, but I didn’t have time. Then I was going to draw something… or at least make a little sketch. But I didn’t have time for that either. Guess it’s to late now Me and Markus

Music Monday: alternative Xmas songs

Let’s try something new, shall we? I kinda want to blog about music, at least a little more than I’ve done in the past anyway. But I do know my taste in music may be pretty off compared to many other people, so I promise I won’t do it every Monday I’m getting a little

The mandatory holiday post!

I would probably violate some unwritten blogging law if I don’t write one of these posts, so I better get mine done So… Christmas. Me and Markus went to his parents in Örnsköldsvik on the 22nd. Bus ride was crazy, the bus was totally crammed with people and outside we had a full-fledged blizzard going

Halloween 2009

I had a great Halloween, the best for many years actually We started with drinks and Guitar Hero at Johan’s place, then went out to a local bar/disco. We don’t really celebrate Halloween here so most people don’t care about it, but there were lots of dressed up people. Mostly witches and devils, but a

Candy corn

That’s such a lame joke. I can’t believe I’m posting it… You see, my snake is a Cornsnake And there is actually a certain Cornsnake colour called Candy Corn (but they look more like this). And I got the candy colours wrong. Jeez and meh. Anyway… HAPPY HALLOWEEN/SAMHAIN!! Have a great weekend everyone, with lots

Happy Midsummer!

This weekend we celebrate Midsummer here in Sweden. It’s the biggest and most important holiday we have (after Christmas). This is the weekend when we raise Maypoles and dance around them, eat herring and boiled potatoes and party out in the green nature all night long while drinking ourselves absolutely wasted. All in the light