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Oggie in review

Camila came to pick up Oggie on Wednesday night. They came right from the air port to us, she missed him that much So now I only have one dog again. Feels really great to have peace and order restored to our home, but at the same time it’s a little sad. Even if he

Home invaded by an ewok/floor mop/overgrown guinea pig

That’s Oggie, Camila’s shi-tzu.  Camila is going to Brazil in January so Oggie is going to stay with us while she’s gone. Oggie needs to get used to sleeping here and such, so yesterday we took him home with us and he stayed the night. He’s only 7 months old, still very much a puppy,

Lonely puppy in the woods

I had an… interesting encounter in the forest today. I was walking with Zaphod along a trail when we met an older man on a bicycle. After him, way waaaaay after (the man was long gone) came a lonely dog trotting. A Bedlington terrier, but it was really small so I assume it was a puppy/young