I’ve thought a lot about reindeer lately.
It started with an exciting new project at work involving said animal (I’ll show you later when it’s done). The project hasn’t officially started yet but I already have a whole herd running around in my head. Waving their antlers around and pooping in the corners and what not…

And as a result I have an increasing number of reindeer sketches piling up on my desk.

And as a result of that I had to go play in Photoshop.

Before I knew it I had a new layout and even though it’s not really December yet I couldn’t wait, as you can see I uploaded it right away! :D

Karin Persson - reindeer
This is the actual reindeer in the header. I just scanned it and darkened it to a silhouette.

Karin Persson - reindeer sketches
Some of my sketches. And yes, that is actually a reindeer furry -__-;

Where I grew up there are reindeer everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) certain times of the year. And they can be quite a pain in the ass to be honest.

In Sweden all Reindeer are owned by the Sami people. The animals roam free in the woods like wild animals, but the Sami cares for them. As a result the reindeer are half-tame. They don’t approach people and will run if you try to approach them, but they’re not THAT afraid. Like… they have no problem coming into your garden to eat from the flower bed and vegetable patch :oops: And there’s no guarantee they’ll move for cars and such. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you honk and rush the engine, they just stand there…
I got stuck for almost 40 min(!) behind a reindeer herd once. It was about 10 animals and instead of getting off the road and let me pass they decide to start trotting along the road! 8O And not very fast either I might add… The snow was really deep so I guess they found it much more convenient staying on the ploughed road. I’ve never in my life been more tempted to kill an animal.

But on the other hand… They’re one of the most beautiful animals in Sweden if you ask me.
An adult bull in winter coat with fully grown antlers running trough the snow is a pretty sight. Not to mention the all white ones. No matter how stupid and useless I sometimes find them I can’t deny that they do make an attractive addition to the fauna. Truth is I’d probably miss them if they disappeared.

Ok, enough talk about reindeer. Can’t imagine anyone caring but me so I’ll shut up now :P