I constantly add and remove content and generally just screw around with this site, but it has always been my art gallery more than anything else. A dumping ground for my dolls, drawings and other random stuff I create. Since June 2009 (when I finally converted to WordPress) it also serves as my blog.


I made my very first website when I was around 15 years old (in 1998). I had it on Geocities and it was a total piece of crap, but it did make me discover the fun of making and maintaining websites.
My first “serious” website was Sagi-tazi, opened in November 2002. It started on Geocities, but in febuary 2004 Iva found me and kindly offered to host me on her domain. I stayed with her for almost a year until I finally decided to get my own place.

So I bought CyanSunrise.com in march 2005, my first domain. I used to have everything there, but as my interest in fanlistings grew I decided to turn it into a fanlistings collective and in May 2007 I purchased Rockwitch.net for my other stuff. And here I’ve been ever since :)
For the first two years the site was divided in two parts – one subsite in Swedish containing my blog and one subsite in English containing my art and pixels. But in June 2009 I got sick of caring for a split-personality website and merged everything into one, and in the process I moved everything into WordPress and also made the decision to only use English.

CyanSunrise closed in October 2009 and my fanlisting collective moved to Heart of Snow.

The name

I like to listen to rock and metal (hair bands ftw!). My religious beliefs are of a pagan nature and I also like witches, magic and the supernatural in general.
So I came up with “rockwitch”. Because that’s kinda what I am – a rock n’ roll witch :)


The header is made with brushes by Annika von Holdt and the background pattern comes from DinPattern.
Font used is Augusta by Dieter Steffmann.

I design my layouts for resolution 1024×768 and higher. I then test them in the latest Windows versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.
If you see something weird don’t hesitate to contact me about it.

Older layouts can be seen in the archive.


Sunshine Award by Angela - May 2010 SOTM - February 2009 SOTM - September 2008