Mother Earth seem to be really going after Japan right now. I thought Haiti and Christchurch were enough, and then this happens. Massive earthquake –> huge tsunami –> failing nuclear plants –> waking volcano. Every time I turn on the TV or go online it seem to be getting worse :(

Things like these really remind me of how fortunate I am. People here bitch and complain about the Swedish climate a lot. About the long winters, the short summers, the cold, the darkness, the snow… But the truth is we’re so fucking lucky it’s embarrassing!
I live in a part of the world where natural “disasters” are limited to a week or two of extreme cold and maybe a huge blizzard – and even then it’s extremely rare that people actually die. There might be material damages and some economic downfalls, but people getting killed due to the weather happens just about never. The next person who walks in complaining about the snow will get yelled at. For real.

Now I’m gonna go take my dog for a walk. And enjoy the fact that the ground I walk on doesn’t shake.