Hey there! So apparently I have a blog. Almost forgot there for a while :P
Can’t say I have a good excuse for my absence, I just kinda fell out of routine.

First off I got hooked on the webcomic Questionable Content.
Melly posted about it on Twitter, I read one page, then read a few more, realized it was actually pretty good and decided to start from the beginning. I’m now on page 950-something and find it strangely addictive. I can’t stop reading! If you haven’t read it yet I can recommend it :)

I also caved in and got a Tumblr blog, perfect for those random things you find online and want to keep somewhere. But that’s all it is, random online stuff. This is my real blog. And I actually have a few drafts here waiting to be posted, including some new drawings and my thoughts on the Twilight books.
But I’ll finish those later.
I’ve also been trying to design a new layout for this place, but my muse seem to be avoiding me atm.

Other than that I’ve been mostly working and spending time outside. Spring is finally here! Last week it was crazy hot, I walked around in a miniskirt, eating ice cream and pretending I had been teleported to Spain 8)
But now it’s cold and raining again. Ah well… back to normal I guess.

Oh, and as I said on Twitter, I’ve bought purple shoes. They’re awesome!
Purple shoes

Anyway, can you tell I’m posting just for the sake of posting? Heh. :blush: