See what I woke up to last morning! It’s snowing in north Sweden :D
It was really wet snow and it was really windy, almost a blizzard. I looked like a soaked cat when I got to work. But it’s turned into ice now and everything is covered in a thin layer of white ice, the streets are like skating-rinks. Even the dog is slipping!

Everyone else is complaining about it but I’m happy! Last year we had our first snow in the very beginning of October, so I’ve been waiting for this for weeks already :P I just wish it was real snow, not this icy stuff. But that will probably be another week or two.

Has anyone else had snow yet? Or am I the only one living on the north pole?

(And no, my camera isn’t fixed, but I found my old one in a drawer. It’s working but it’s not as nice…)