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Today is the spring equinox! :yay:
We’ve been having very pleasant weather lately, the sun has really broken through the cold and is actually quite warm now. Everything the sun rays hit starts melting and dripping. A puddle the size of a small country has been formed outside my door.
The snow will probably stay for another month or so, but right now it really feels like spring. Even if there’s still some winter left to take care of, the equinox means we’ve made it to the other side of the year at least.

I spent the day cleaning mostly. I washed (almost) every window in the apartment + cleaned the window frames + put up new, brighter curtains everywhere. Except in the bedroom, there I got darker curtains :P
I have thin, white curtains up for the winter but when the sun comes back it gets to bright so I have to put up heavy, black ones instead. I don’t mind sleeping in sunlight, but Markus complains so black it is.

And yesterday there was the Super Full Moon, did you get to see it? The sky was clear so I saw it. It was huge and bright and all, but honestly not as huge as I had imagined.