In regards to my last post: there are some things I do like about summer. Like being able to walk “off road” in the forest without drowning in snow, hearing birds sing, and off course getting a few weeks of vacation. It’s not all bad. ;)

My favourite part about the (north) Swedish summer though is the light.

I’m not above the Arctic circle (it’s about 200km north of me actually) so we don’t have proper midnight sun where I live, but it’s pretty close. The sun sinks below the horizon and the sky changes from blue to purple and pink, and then… the sun starts rising again. It never gets dark, and it’s actually pretty amazing. :)
I have a step-cousin who lives in a city well above the Arctic circle, and this time of year I almost wish I lived there too just to have real midnight sun.

Here are some photos I took last night, around half past midnight: