Let me introduce our new foster cat Bella!

A few months ago I talked about whether or not it would be a good idea to get a cat. Well, we decided to go with the foster home option and signed up to be a foster home for the local animal protection association :) The summers are always busy with unwanted cats and kittens and this year has apparently been unusually bad, so we decided to help out.

Bella have been living with us for little over a week now and she’s adorable :heart:
They told us she was pretty shy, so I expected her to go hide under the couch all the time, but she’s actually quite social and seem to like hanging around us. Every time you sit down somewhere she comes and wants to be cuddled with and if you talk to her she usually talks back (meow?). She’s only shy if there’s lots of people and commotion around, but that’s hardly unusual with cats.

The deal is she’s going to live with us until she finds a home of her own. Markus is already in love though, so right now I’m not sure he’d let anyone take her away :P

Bella on the bed