I’ve never liked wine. Or beer for that matter. If I want something to drink I’ll drink water – and if I want something with alcohol I’ll drink cider or regular drinks. Hasn’t really been a problem in the past, but now that I’m all grown up (HA!) I find myself getting into more and more grown up scenarios. Like work dinners. Or fancy parties not held in someone’s basement playing drinking games and lowering vodka shots.
So. I figured I should at least try drinking something a little more sophisticated.

One of the tasks on my 101 list is just that: try 5 different wines to see if any of them are drinkable. Task is now competed:

Delapierre, Blue Nun, Würtz, Organic Moselland and LDR Riesling (I think, the label is hard to read)

Delapierre was a sparkling wine we had for New Year’s Eve. Tasted like cider gone sour. Not very tasty. Wurtz was pretty sour too. But the other ones were ok I guess. At least I could drink a whole glass without making lemon faces. I think the organic wine was my favourite, I actually kind of liked it.

Guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it. There are lots of things I didn’t like at first but later changed my mind about. I think my taste buds are slowly getting used to wine now. But I still prefer cider. Or water :P