I love making pixelart <3 It began when I discovered dolls when I was around 19 and used to play around with online dollmakers. After a while I figured that I should be able to make my own and well, I learned to pixel and now I’m a doller/pixel junkie myself :)

I work in Ms Paint and sometimes use Photoshop to play around with colours.


  1. All images on these pages are free to take and use to decorate other websites except some dolls that have “no adoption” written under them.
  2. Credit me with a link to http://www.rockwitch.net on the same page as the used image.
  3. Don’t alter the images in any way. Don’t crop, recolor, add text etc. Don’t use pieces of my work to make your own either, like taking the hair or the left paw of a pixel dog or something. Eh, you get the idea…
  4. Don’t hotlink. Right click, choose “save as…” and upload to your own server, please.


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