Here are gifts I’ve received from various lovely people around the ‘net. :heart:
They are not made by me so don’t take them from here.

Cyan witch by Arien
After I won her My Little Pony challenge Arien/Odyrah made me this witch as a prize :D

Moon unicorn from Arien Totally awesome pony from Arien! from Arien #88
Arien/Odyrah has made me a bunch of ponies! I love ponies :love:

Valentine tag from Victoriya #99 from Heidi #27 from Louise #205
Valentines Day tag from Victoriya, fishy from Heidi and little ducklings from Louise

From Hev
Gift for my 26th birthday by Hev <3

[ base ]
Gift doll from PirateMaster. I dolled her muse so she dolled me a witch.

Chibi me
Lin made a cute chibi portrait of me ^_^

Elusive made me this custom Phoenix.

Gorgeous snowflake by the lovely Potion