I’ve been shopping. One awesome pair of new boots (whoo!) and two pairs of mittens. The mittens especially were much needed.

When I’m about to leave for work in the morning I can never find any mittens or gloves because someone *eyes boyfriend :glare: * keep stealing them. He takes one pair, wears them, puts them in his pockets or in his bag and forget about them. Then he comes home and grab another pair, wear them, put them too in his pockets/bag and forget about them. Or, which happens just as often, he leave them somewhere. And forget about them. A cycle he repeats every day.

As a result, there are never and gloves or mittens left for me and if I get my hands on a pair I can never leave them unguarded or they too will mysteriously disappear… The fact that my pairs are really to small for him doesn’t bother him, most mittens are stretchy so he squeeze into them anyway.
I thought buying some ultra-girly ones would scare him off, but that didn’t work. Imagine a 23 year old guy walking to work in army boots, torn jeans, leather jacket and… fluffy purple mittens. Yeah, that’s my boyfriend :P

Lucky for him I can’t really get mad at him. My purple mittens actually are much cuter on him ;)
So I’ve given up. I let him wear them and stretch them and leave them wherever he wants to and I just buy more when we’re out. Have the serenity to accept the things I can’t change and all that, haha :P