My list for the Day Zero project. You’re supposed to make a list of 101 things you want to do and then complete the list in 1001 days. I think it seems like a great way to motivate yourself and maybe even improve your life a little :D

Started: November 14, 2010
Finish date: August 12, 1013

Strikethrough text means the task is completed
Green text means I’ve started this task
Red text means I’ve failed

The list

1. Give 10 SEK to charity for every failed task when my 1001 days are over


2. Make myself a professional online portfolio
3. Write a proper CV
4. Keep current job until first of March 2011 (1 year from when I started). Get a new job within 3 months if I get laid off – 1/3 2011
5. Save 10 000 SEK in my savings account – 1/8 2011
6. Get my retirement savings in order

Online/computer stuff

7. Go 1 week without using a computer (oh dear…)
8. Learn to code something in Javascript
9. Learn to code something in PHP
10. Create a WordPress theme for free download
11. Blog at least once a week, on DW or at
12. Keep my online blog!
13. Finish revamping all my fanlistings
14. Go through all my accounts on various sites/networks, clean them up and delete those I’m no longer interested in 22/11 2010


15. Draw a serious portrait of Zaphod
16. Draw/illustrate 10 different dog breeds
17. Draw/illustrate 10 different animals
18. Finish my wolf embroidery and make something of it (pillow maybe?)
19. Get another pixel doll base ready for public release
20. Make a new pack of pixel wolves
21. Create large piece of art for the living room wall
22. Get a children’s colouring book and colour all the pages
23. Learn to play something on Markus’ electric guitar
24. Write a short story
25. Take a photo of the same place every month for a year (1/12)
26. Make something to fit in the gold picture frame


27. Visit the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi
28. Visit a zoo
29. Travel to another country 16/5 2011
30. Attend Sweden Rock Festival at least once more11/6 2011
31. Go to Stockholm, at least for a day
32. Visit my relatives in Seskarö once more


33. Discover at least 5 new (to me) good Swedish bands/artists
34. Listen to every single one of Alice Cooper’s songs I can find on Spotify
35. Watch 50 movies I haven’t watched before
36. Read 100 books I haven’t read before
37. Visit a museum
38. Go to an art exhibition30/7 2011
39. Throw a party
40. Go dancing
41. Read a book in English
42. Go to the cinema 5 times (without getting a panic attack and leave half-way through) – (1/5)
43. Watch all the Harry Potter movies


44. Dye my hair some extreme colour. Or at least part of it
45. Change my hair style17/1 2011
46. Get a tattoo
47. Get two more ear piercings
48. Dress up for Halloween, even if nobody else does


49. Sew two new jackets for the dog
50. Teach the dog a new trick
51. Find a dog watcher who doesn’t live 3 hours away
52. Get a new, bigger terrarium for the snake
53. Get a second dog. If not possible, get a second snake. Or a cat :3


54. Try 5 different wines to see if any of them are drinkable19/2 2011
55. Visit 5 restaurants I’ve never been to before
56. Order something totally new and unusual at a restaurant
57. Be a vegetarian for a month
58. Go one month without candy or fast food
59. Bake a cake
60. Only buy organic and ecological food and supplies for a month


61. Actually listen to that relaxation CD the psychologist gave me
62. Get down to 60kg
63. Jog! Task is considered complete when I have enough stamina to run a full lap around the running trail without stopping
64. Do 10 push-ups (real ones, not on my knees)
65. Take some kind of workout class (yoga, kickboxing, aerobics etc)
66. Get new glasses

Good for others

67. Replace all the light bulbs in the apartment with low-energy bulbs
68. Donate 100 SEK to 5 different charities
69. Do something helpful for the local animal shelter3/8 2011
70. Leave 10 inspirational quotes in public places
71. Donate 10 000 grains of rice at
72. Write a love letter to my boyfriend
73. Buy flowers for someone


74. Get a new bike
75. Buy potted plants (and keep them alive for 6 months)
76. Buy something from Etsy
77. Get a new camera 27/4 2011
78. Buy a real sight hound collar


79. Reach level 20 in LotRO
80. Beat the Elite Four in Pokémon
81. Continue playing The Legend of Zelda: Twillight Princess


82. *private*
83. *private*
84. Clean out my closet
85. Clean out the storage room and the basement
86. Sort out all my comic books and magazines
87. Do something about the car 25/11 2010
88. Learn to walk in high heels
89. Do a sabbath ritual
90. Build a snowman
91. Go swimming in the sea
92. Go cross-country skiing
93. Learn to point out every country in Europe on a map
94. Learn to identify 5 plants/trees in the forest I didn’t know before
95. Relearn the sign-language I learned in high school
96. Write a letter to my 35-year-old self
97. Write a list of 20 things I’ve already achieved in this lifetime
98. Get a professional massage
99. Make plans with someone I haven’t seen in a while
100. Go berry picking
101. Howl at the moon