Zaphod the dog

Blueberry woods

Name: Zaphod, mostly called “Zappo” for short
Born: March 22, 2005
Breed: Whippet

This is His Royal Majesty Prince Zaphod… or at least that’s what he thinks.
Zaphod is actually more like a cat than a dog – he’s poised, independent, and prefers to think for himself rather than listening to others. Fortunately he’s also a real mama’s boy so he does what I tell him to, even if he thinks I’m retarded for not understanding that he’s the king of the world. ;)
If he doesn’t know you he will act like you don’t exist so to strangers he may seem quite unsocial and boring, but in the company of dear friends he’s a cuddly clown who loves to sleep with his head in your lap. Or preferably with his whole body across your chest…

This dog is way more than just a pet to me. I like him more than I like most people, including friends and family, and I mean that. He’s my sidekick, my best friend, and sometimes the only reason I even bother getting out of bed in the morning.

Zaphod is named after the character Zaphod Beeblebrox in the book series The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Flamma the corn snake


Name: Flamma (means “flame” in Swedish)
Species: Cornsnake (panterophis guttatus guttatus)
Hatched: July 25, 2004

Flamma is the first pet I got after moving out of my parents house. Since I didn’t have the time or money to get a dog back then my boyfriend at the time suggested a snake. I bought Flamma from a breeder when she was about 2 months old and looked more like a little red worm than a snake – now she’s almost 10 years old and 2 meters long.

I know for sure that Flamma is a she because she shared her vivarium with another cornsnake for a short time, and 2 months later she surprised everyone by laying a pile of eggs. Another couple of months later 13 lovely baby corns hatched. :)

Maja the cat


Name: Maja
Born: We don’t know, probably in the spring of 2011

In the summer of 2011 we signed up to be a foster home for the local animal protection association. The summers are always busy with homeless cats and this year was unusually bad, so we decided to help out. Not long after that we got a call and Maja moved in.
She’s very social and seem to like hanging around us, but if there’s lots of people and commotion around she get’s shy and hide behind the couch. She also talks a lot, whole conversations can be held between us. :P

She wasn’t a big fan of the dog at first, but now she’s used to him. Not like he’s her best friend or anything, but he can at least jump up in the couch next to her without her freaking out. Markus is her favourite person, she’s very much a daddy’s girl and loves sleeping on his chest.

The deal was that she was going to live with us until she finds a home of her own, and a couple took her for a few weeks in March 2012 but decided they didn’t want her so we took her back. In November 2012, when she had been living with us for over a year, we decided to stop avoiding the obvious and keep her. She’s not going anywhere, why would she?