So, like I said I went to Sweden Rock Festival again. And I must say this year was one of the best so far :D The weather was really good, just a thunder storm on Wednesday night and some light rain on Thursday, the rest of the week was sunny and warm. We saw some awesome bands, ate some delicious festival food, barely slept at all and just generally had a good time.

We left on Monday evening and got there at noon on Tuesday. This photo shows the camp site just after we put up the tents. Notice how clean it is and how much space we have. Just a day later there were tents EVERYWHERE around us. And at the end of the week you could barely see the grass for all the trash…

One evening it was REALLY windy and the whole marquee thing just lifted, made a somersault and landed on its back on top of our tent :oops: We did manage to put it back together, with the help of much duct tape and swearing.

Kids, if there’s anything I’ve learned during my years at Sweden Rock it’s this: NEVER go camping without duct tape!

How awesome is it to have a sleeping bag with limbs? Jörgen knows how to travel in style 8)

As you can see there were plenty of people there. 33 000 according to the organizers.
No wonder the grass is stamped into yellow dust.

A picture of me AND Markus together. How very rare :P

I didn’t do much shopping, mainly because I found a pair of handmade leather boots that ate most of my shopping budget :P But they’re worth it, they’re beautiful! To bad it’s summer so I’ll have to wait a few months until I can wear them…
I also bought a festival t-shirt since SRF is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. And I finally found an Alice Cooper t-shirt! A girlie nonetheless!
And I also got a beautiful necklace from Alchemy Gothic. Here’s a bigger pic of it.

I’ll save the bands for later. I have to gather some concert photos from my friends first, then I’ll go into the music.