I figured the music deserved an entry of its own.
I realise not many people will recognise or like these bands but… well, I saw them live and I want to write about them. So suck it up ;)


How can you not like a band that plays pirate metal? I was looking forward to see them live. Unfortunately there was something weird with the singers mic, the sound kept disappearing every now and then and it was pretty irritating. But the band had LOTS of energy and on stage and when the sound worked it was good. The singer was really funny.
I was a little disappointed they didn’t perform in pirate outfits though.

Stone Sour

We only saw the last 20 min of this concert. I had never heard about them before and was just passing by, but the sound captured me. They were really good! Classic, heavy rock n’ roll always does it for me. And the singer made these hilarious dance moves on stage. I have to look them up on Spotify.


All I can say is WOW! :rock: This band is nothing but amazing live! And the audience loves them, I can’t believe how many people were there to see them. And everyone was singing along to every song. Wonderful atmosphere!
The funniest part was when they sang a cover of an old Swedish song (Långa Bollar på Bengt) and all of a sudden the elderly man who is the original artist (Svenne Rubin) comes up on stage and takes over XD
If I have to complain about anything, it would be that they never played their song Wolfpack. But rest was so great I can live without it.


Another concert we only saw a fraction of. We catched the last 15 min while waiting for Danzig to come on. Jorn is a great artist so it was nice to see him, and what little we saw was pretty good.
He’s actually coming to our local festival here in my town, so I can go see his complete concert next Thursday if I want to :D I’m tempted.


WOO DANZIG!! *cough* Sorry, just had to shout a little. I just love Danzig. As excited as I was to see him I had rather high expectations – and he met them. He did a really great performance with only a few minor dead parts. I couldn’t be happier :love: The greatest moment was (duh) when he sang Mother and the whole crowd sang along to every word.


This is the second time I’ve seen them, as they were here for SRF 2007 as well. I really like Aerosmith, they are an excellent live band. Lots of good songs and very entertaining personalities on stage… BUT. When Steven Tyler pulls out that harmonica you know it’s time to go home. Playing harmonica is impressive, but it’s only cool for a minute or two. A 10 min harmonica solo is to much. And so is a 20 min drum solo. You’re all great guys but please, solos are supposed to be interludes – not 40% of a concert.

. . .

I just have to mention a band we saw in the beer tent on Saturday: The Cougars
Me and Markus didn’t have tickets for Saturday so when everyone else were watching Guns n’ Roses ( :cry: ) we headed for the pub and the tent. And there was this band of 5 women in their 40′s, looking more or less like a mix of Cher and My Chemical Romance. And they rocked XD
Actually, I’m not kidding, they were rather good. I was impressed. And the singer was smoking hot 8)