I know I’m the last person on earth to read the Twilight books and all there is to be said about it has probably already been said a million times.
I also know that I’ll probably piss off a lot of people with what I have to say. There seem to be an infinite number of fans that come off as pretty serious about their beloved Twilight saga and may resort to violence if you don’t agree with them…
But I’m writing it anyway. Feel free to bash me *puts on helmet*

A while ago I started reading the Twilight series. I read book 1-3 and about 7 chapters into the 4th book and then… I just couldn’t take it any more. I decided not to waste any more time when it’s only making me irritated. I do know how it ends, I skimmed the last two chapters and read the plot summary on Wikipedia, and that was more than enough *shudders*

The love story is pretty cute. I like her father.
It’s a bit repetitive and not much action, but I guess I can’t expect outstanding brilliance when it’s just a youth novel.
And sparkling vampires = epic fail. Just saying.

I like that there’s werewolves involved. Bella is really starting to annoy me. Most of the characters annoy me actually. I’m glad Edward is out of the pic… oh wait. He came back…

Meh. Meh again. Tripple meh. Page by page I’m losing ALL interest in the whole thing. Jacob and Charlie are the only ones I have ANY kind of interest in, and that interest is fading fast.

Pregnant…? She’s pregnant!? With the DEAD guy?

. . .

*throws book in trashcan* *picks up Silmarillion by Tolkien*

Aaaah, home again…

The “heroine” is driving me crazy. She’s supposed to be the main character, the one I should be rooting for and hope will do well. But she has no personality, no charisma, no fucking backbone. She’s just following Edward like a mindless puppy, oblivious to anything else around her. That’s not love, sweetheart – that’s abusive addiction. And you should probably see someone about it.
And the “hero” is so beautiful and god-like and oh, so unselfish and good and loyal and I just wanna throw up all over his perfect face :sick:
It’s painfully obvious that Stephanie Meyer is so in love with her own character she can’t stop boasting him. I was tempted to count every time the lines “topaz eyes” and “marble skin” appear, but realised it would just depress me.
This article have some good points and pretty much covers how I feel about it all.

The villains are unbelievably bleak. It’s like they’re only there so that Edward will have something to save Bella from and save the day. There are no real background stories, no valid explanations or reasons. Please, not that I don’t want her dead too – but give me something more than “just because”. Because that’s what it feels like – it’s not enough plot and not enough story around the bad guys.

I do understand why the books became so popular though…
Everyone loves a love story, throw in a little magic (vampires are all the rage now) and a little danger and the kids are all over it. And “perfect” Edward gives the girls someone to swoon over. I can see the appeal, but this time I’m not falling for it I’m afraid.

Hev said on Twitter that the movies are better. I sure hope so, but I don’t think I’ll watch them.

And for those who compare it to Harry Potter: for the love of all that is holy just stop it :doh:
J.K. Rowling has built a whole universe, a highly detailed, complex and original world full off complex, original characters. Stephanie Meyer took a vampire, painted him with glitter and gave him an obsessed teenage girl to play with.
I think this quote by Andrew Futral sums it up pretty good:

“Harry Potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity… Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.”

-Andrew Futral