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5 bottles of wine

I’ve never liked wine. Or beer for that matter. If I want something to drink I’ll drink water – and if I want something with alcohol I’ll drink cider or regular drinks. Hasn’t really been a problem in the past, but now that I’m all grown up (HA!) I find myself getting into more and

New hair style

Ta daa! Look what I’ve done I’ve kept my hair the same way for years, long and straight with no styling whatsoever, but no more! It was a spur of the moment really. I just happen to walk pass a hairdresser with a really good price, thought “what the heck..” and went in. In the

Online accounts

I have now completed my first task of the 101 list I decided to go through ALL my accounts for various online sites! First of all I wrote down every site I could remember or find in my bookmarks/inbox. I decided not to list webshops since you usually get registered by default once you order

Today is my Day Zero

I have a new project! I’m doing that 101 in 1001 days list thingy! I tried to do this a few years ago, but then my list got lost when I switched computers and I never bothered again. Until now It was really difficult to come up with tasks though… the first 50 was no