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School reunion

Last weekend I went back in time sort of. I headed back to the village I grew up in to participate in a school reunion. Apparently it’s 10 years since I graduated primary school (9th grade). Ten years!! I’m getting old…
The reunion was fun, first we had dinner at a local restaurant and then [...]


Spotify = love

I’m in love… and I’m not talking about my dog or Markus. I’m in love with a computer program. And I think it’s serious.
I’m talking about Spotify
In Sweden it’s THE new thing for all music lovers, everybody talks about it. But it’s still pretty new. The free accounts are by invite only (like [...]


Lonely puppy in the woods

I had an… interesting encounter in the forest today.
I was walking with Zaphod along a trail when we met an older man on a bicycle.
After him, way waaaaay after (the man was long gone) came a lonely dog trotting. A Bedlington terrier, but it was really small so I assume it was a puppy/young dog.
When it [...]


Happy Midsummer!

This weekend we celebrate Midsummer here in Sweden. It’s the biggest and most important holiday we have (after Christmas). This is the weekend when we raise Maypoles and dance around them, eat herring and boiled potatoes and party out in the green nature all night long while drinking ourselves absolutely wasted. All [...]


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