Netflix shows: Lilyhammer and Hemlock Grove

So Netflix are producing their own shows now. As someone who constantly fail to follow shows on TV Netflix is a knight in pixel armour. Them making their own shows is a rather exciting new form of publishing if you ask me, the biggest advantage being that this way they can release a whole season at once instead of forcing you to wait a week between episodes.

Btw, what do you call a show that’s made for a streaming service? Netshow? Stream-TV? :?

Anyway, they have two Netflix-produced shows out (in my country anyway) and I’ve watched them both:



What happens when a New York mobster gets relocated to a small town in Norway? Well for starters hilarity ensues.
It’s not a serious mobster drama by any length, nothing like The Sopranos or the Godfather, this is much more lightweight and comical. The mobsters are very stereotypical mobsters and the Norwegians are very stereotypical, eh, Norwegians.

American Frank Tagliano goes under witness protection after testifying against his boss. He need to hide and chooses the least likely place he can think of (and also because he saw the winter Olympics) which is Lillehammer, Norway. There’s a clash of cultures to say the least, but slowly he gets back on his feet and start rebuilding his life. A life that, despite the location, actually isn’t all that different from his mobster career…

I enjoyed the first season a lot, it was really funny and sort of sweet in a way. I can definitely recommend it if you want some fun, easygoing entertainment.
Doesn’t hurt to have the stunning Norwegian landscape in the background either. Most of Scandinavia is pretty nice, but the fjords and mountains of Norway are on a whole other level!

Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove

Maybe you’ve heard about this one? It’s received both praise and critique and everyone seem to have a rather strong opinion about it. They either love it or hate it.

Well, I love it.
At first glance it looks like the standard supernatural teen drama we’re so used to by now. People are getting killed and a bunch of supernatural stuff is happening and there’s a teenage werewolf and a teenage upir (vampire sort of) and we’ve seen this formula a million times before, right?
This is the weirdest and most disturbing show I’ve seen in a long time. It has some genuinely gory scenes and some genuinely psycho characters. This is an actual horror story, both visually and psychologically. It also has a feel to it, I don’t know how to describe it but it’s a sort of air that flows through every episode, that is both haunting and strangely beautiful.

After each episode I found myself just staring at the screen for a few seconds going “The fuck did I just watch?” :crazy: It was hypnotising.

There are some weak spots, like some of the actors are less than stellar and the plot has some holes in it. Certain events are blatantly predictable while others are unexpected and unexplainable. In my opinion the beauty and the weirdness makes the show well worth watching anyway, but I understand it might not be to everyone’s liking.

Hemlock Grove is actually a book by Brian McGreevy as well, and I’m reading it right now. So far it’s equally, if not more, disturbing. Will be interesting to see if it deviates from the show.

Spring in the North

Yesterday was Beltane/Walpurgi’s Night and the whole country celebrated. Not me though, I’m suffering from one of the most persistent colds I’ve ever had so I just stayed in watching Hemlock Grove and eating candy. I heard lots of fireworks though, and I could smell how every single neighbour were barbecuing.

Spring has officially arrived now, and even though there’s still a few piles of snow here and there it’s getting much warmer and plants have started to sprout.

Spring 2013

The whole front lawn is snow-free now! Only a week ago it still looked like this.

Spring 2013

The grass is still dead though, and now you can see that ugly patch of dirt in the lawn…
But wait, what is that?

Spring 2013

Hey, something is growing! I wonder what it is?

When we moved into the house last fall we saw that empty patch of dirt and figured the previous tenants had a bush or something that they dug up and took with them when they left. I sort of forgot about it during the winter, but then when it started melting I begun thinking about what to do with it. Sow grass and just make more lawn maybe? Make an extra flower bed?

But now I have these sprouts sticking up. I’ll be watching them carefully to see what they’ll grow into.

Spring 2013

I also found a small yellow flower growing in one of the flower beds. No idea what that is either.

I’m like Jack Skellington all over the place. “What’s this? What’s this?” XD I know nothing about gardening but I’m very interested in learning. This is so exciting, to witness our first spring in the house! I can’t wait to see what else has survived the winter! :D

London 2013

The river Thames

So we survived our trip to London. :) The weather sucked but the city was so amazing it didn’t matter!

I took a million photos but since someone *eyes boyfriend* messed with my phone settings they’re no bigger than 640 x 480 px. Although most of the photos are all dark and blurry anyway because of the crappy weather. Well… no point crying over spilled milk, this just means I have to go back there and take new photos! ;)

Click the “read more” to see the rest of the post. It’s quite image heavy and I didn’t want to put them all on the front page due to loading times.
I’ve also uploaded a set to Flickr if you want to see all of the photos.

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Zappo and Maja

Aww, look how cute they are sleeping next to each other on the couch. :heart:
(Of course the cat got the blanket.)

Zappo and Maja


Zappo and Maja

Was that the refrigerator door!?

Zappo and Maja


Silly creatures…

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